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I provide personalized care and guidance throughout your therapy experience.  I offer individual and family therapy for teens and adults residing in California and Florida.  Please take a look below to learn more about my treatment areas of focus and more about what our work together will look like.

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy can be helpful to address a wide range of needs from experiencing the death of a loved one, problems at work or school, feeling intense emotions, trauma, loss of enjoyment in activities, strained family or personal relationships, or struggling with a major life change.  In therapy, we will help you gain a better understanding of yourself including your strengths, add to and build your support network, identify underlying causes of your symptoms and help you learn how to better handle your emotions by practicing coping skills and managing symptoms in ways that facilitate lasting change.

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Family Therapy

Family therapy is created from a foundation of deep respect for individuals, families and cultures.  This allows us to pave the way for your family to become more adaptive and successful.  Our work together will address specific issues that affect the well-being of the family unit by repositioning the "problem" as a family issue.  Together, we will repair relationships, increase familial support, promote understanding and collaboration, improve communication and resolve conflicts.

Trauma & PTSD

An essential ingredient in healing from trauma is feeling supported.  In therapy, we will focus on building a safe and caring space where you can sit with your feelings, listen to your body and regain a sense of self again.  Therapy will take an integrated approach unique to your needs and may include Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) which will help resolve unprocessed traumatic memories in the brain.  Our goal is to leave you with the emotions, perspectives and understanding that will guide you towards positive, healthy and useful interactions and behaviors.

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Burnout & Overwork

Richard Gunderman, MD, PhD, describes burnout as "the sum total of hundreds and thousands of tiny betrayals of purpose."  Burnout is not a result of weakness, a personality flaw or problems outside of work.  Burnout results from an erosion of engagement with one's job, an erosion of positive emotions and an issue of 'fit' between the individual and the job.  Our work together will help you identify areas of mismatch between your work environment and your core values that led to burnout and then identify sustainable and creative ways to bring back your energy, enjoyment and enthusiasm in your future work.

Highly Sensitive Teens & Adults

HSPs are often deeply affected by the world and see and experience events differently.  While being a HSP is not a diagnosis, it is a trait that can express itself as anxiety, depression, fear, rumination, low self-esteem, pessimism, social withdrawal and extreme sensitivity to criticism and shame.  Our work together will help you gain self-knowledge about the HSP trait, allow for reframing and healing of past experiences and help you learn how to move forward and best navigate the world around you.

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Grief & Loss

Everyone grieves differently and in their own time.  While this experience may feel difficult, painful and complicated, it can also include joy, humor and contentment.  Our work together will ensure that you have a space to share and work through your feelings, experiences and memories so you can understand your own grief process, validate the past, regain connection with what is important in your life and redefine your future.

Anxiety & Depression

Although anxiety and depression may have their own causes, they share similar symptoms including sleep disturbances, irritability, difficulty concentrating, body aches, pains, gastrointestinal problems, appetite or weight changes, restlessness and fatigue.  Anxiety tends to present as feeling on edge, having a sense of dread or panic and feeling unable to control your worry while depression tends to present as a loss of interest or pleasure in activities, persistent feelings of sadness, emptiness, or hopelessness and feelings of worthlessness or guilt.  These symptoms tend to cause noticeable challenges in your daily life.  Our work together will help you explore the root of your mood struggles, identify accessible and valuable ways to cope and change your relationship with your emotions to find greater meaning and clarity in your life.

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Support for Life Transitions

Change is a natural part of life.  Whether that process is expected and welcomed - or not - it can cause us intense pain or grief or significant distress and worry. Our work together will help you mentally prepare for the changes ahead.  We will learn best approaches to manage arising emotions, tackle the positive and negative sides to the upcoming changes and get you 'unstuck' and moving to a state of purposeful action.

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