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Helping you build a life with deep meaning, purpose and value.

Online Therapy in California & Florida
for Highly Sensitive People, Trauma and Burnout/Overwork

Does this sound familiar? 

Are you...

  • feeling restless, uneasy and can’t settle your mind or body?

  • feeling like your past haunts you and holds you back?

  • noticing that you’re dissatisfied with life and doubt that anything will change?

  • feeling what others feel….just more of it?

  • finding that you have to drag yourself through your're struggling to concentrate, feel effective or accomplished?

  • feeling lost in life, and the things you used to love about work, relationships and hobbies feel meaningless and unfulfilling?

Things can be different than they are today.

Welcome!  My name is Rachel (she/her/hers).  I'm so glad you are here.

Whether you are new to therapy or returning, my goal is to support you in your growth.  I will help you develop transformative habits that empower you to manage life's challenges through collaboration, unwavering support and the intentional creation of a safe, non-judgmental space.  My therapy sessions are designed to provide you with tools to increase your flexibility, foster a sense of balance, enrich your relationships and help you attain what matters to you most.

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I provide personalized care and guidance throughout your therapy experience.  Please take a look below to learn about my treatment focus areas and more about what our work together will look like.

Highly Sensitive People

Highly Sensitive Person

A Highly Sensitive Person (HSPs) is born with a trait that makes them keenly aware of all kinds of subtleties occurring within themselves and their environment.  It can be an advantage in many situations but not always.  Together we will learn how to harness the strengths of being highly sensitive to help you live a full and gratifying life.

Man Who Has Trauma


Trauma is a distressing response to an adverse event or a series of events that can have a lasting impact your mental, physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.  How you respond to a traumatic event is personal - our work together will help you better understand yourself by learning valuable skills to feel grounded, regulated and connected.

Woman Stressed Out At Work


Burnout occurs for people who experience high levels of intense job-related stress and feel emotionally, physically and spiritually exhausted.  Not only is your work life impacted, but often your personal life too.  Our work together will tackle the sources of burnout to help you feel more enjoyment, satisfaction and pride with your life.

Let's Get Started!

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Let's talk.

Connect with me today by clicking on the "Contact Me" button below for a free 20 minute consultation.  We'll chat, I'll answer your questions and we can decide if I'm a good fit for your needs and style.


Invest in yourself.

From there, we will get to know each other and begin working together to start identifying patterns and behaviors that are getting in the way of your joy. 


Move forward.

Together we will develop skills and insights to address the deeper roots of your concerns so you can feel authentically you no matter what life brings!

What would life look like if you felt calm, confident and connected?

Reach out today to get the compassionate, thoughtful support you need.

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